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Operating & Misc. Issues
Scopes other than LX200

New Owners 
   Tips for new LX200 owners (GPS click here)
   What Model of LX200?; Selecting Best Focal Length
   Considering CCD Astrophotography?
   Eyepiece Recommendations (also see Eyepiece
      Topics in right column)
   Sources of Information for Beginners
   Choosing Between LX90 vs. LX200
   LX200 Checklist for Starting-Up (Classic)
   LX200GPS Checklist for Starting-Up (GPS)
   DVD--"A Beginner's Guide to the Meade LX200GPS" 
   Accessory Suggestions; Aperature Fever; Top 10 Books
   Pointing Accuracy...The Real Story
   Also see: "LX200 Initial Alignment" under Aligning--
      AltAz Concerns, below.
   Eyepiece/Accessory Case Hints; Tips Web Page 
   Light Pollution & Nebula Filters Recommendations
   Dealers Rating URL; Warning!!--Check Bolts

   Checklist for Starting-Up (Classic); Initial Alignment
   Backlash-Aware 2-Star Alignment
   LX200 Classic Longitude Calculator 
   Choosing Stars & Slew Speeds for 2-Star Alignment
   Enter Key Problem During Alignment Routine
   How close is "close enough" OTA alignment?
   Solar & Lunar Tracking URLs
   Polar Aligning--see separate topic below
   Daytime Observing/Alignment --see topic below

Aligning, Polar   
   Polar Alignment Procedures--Drift & Iterative
   Polar Alignment and PEC Accuracy? 
   Leveling Accuracy and Polar Alignment? 
   Southern Polar Alignment Suggestions
   Better Alignment Accuracy; Polar Alignment with CCD?
   Polar Axis Balance/Tracking; RA Tracking Issues
   Dec Blocking Autoguiding Device; Meade Align Method
   Resync'ing a Polar Aligned Wedge-Mounted Scope
   Polar Drift Alignment Described; Using a Tripod
   Best Polar Alignment Routine, Polar GoTo Adjustment
   Polaris is Visible -- 2nd Alignment Star Isn't 
   Polar alignment When Polaris is not Visible 

Aligning ROM3.30  
Database errors in ROM 330
   Avoid database errors in Classic v3.30 when aligning

Best Mount for OTA
   Mount upgrading advice; Mounts for Large OTAs
   Switching from LX200 Fork Mount to an Equatorial?

Balancing & Weight Limits 
   Dew Shield, 2-D, & 3-D Counterbalances; Max Wt-Carrying
   Homemade Symmetrical Balancing Device
   Balance at High Declinations

Battery, volts, fuses page 1
   Battery Power Boxes; EE101--Basic Electricity Concepts
   Battery Power Supply Design; Measuring Remaining Charge
   Battery Tester, Inverters, Capacity & Power Cautions
   Battery Connectors, Parallel Battery Charging
   Battery Resource Site; Reverse-Power Protection  
   12v Gel Cell Battery Charging/Restoring Tips
   Operating the Classic on 15v or 12v; Reducing 18v to 15v
   Voltage Regulator Primer; 12v Battery Charger Recom 
   Fried 18V Converter; 12V to 18V Converter Found
   Adjusting Meade 18V Supply; 1812v Converters
   Meade 12v to 18v Converter Alternative
   DC Power Source & Inverter; Power Supply Issues
   Standard LX200 Fuses; Blowing a Fuse--Solved!
   120V-12V Power Supply Recommendations
   Power Supply (DC>AC vs DC>AC>DC)
Battery, volt, fuses page 2  
   Cables and Connectors/Treatise on LX200 Plugs 
   Electronic Improvement--Resister Upgrade
   Grounding the LX200 & Computer/Camera -Sep page
   PC-LX200 Serial Connector Diagram
   Dual Serial Ports & USB Laptops; Easy Serial Cable
   Serial Cable Pin Out; RS232 Tester, Aux RX232 Port
   Wiring Control Panel Aux Plug-In to Power Accs 
   Power Panel/Cable Problem Solved 
   LX200 Schematics URLs; Installing Ceramic Resistors
   Power Connectors / Cable Management
   AC Power Supply Voltage Reduction
   See: Running Power to Remote Site:
       (Observatory topic in right column)

   Set-up procedures developed by list members

Carry Cases & Covers 
   Carrying Cases for LX200s, 90s & 50s (also in Europe)
   Mod to Military Case; Desert Storm Scope Covers

Collimation--pg 1 
  *Star Testing the LX200; Collimating with a Cheshire?
   Simple Collimation Method; New Collimation Page
   Daytime Alignment; Collimate With or Without Diagonal?
   Advanced Optical Adjustments; Cool Down Times
   Maintaining SCT Collimation; SCT Collimation Article
   Secondary Mirror Rotating?/Optical Alignment
   Tri-Lobed Stars Fixed?; LX200 Corrector Plate Glass?

Collimation, page 2
   Laser Collimators? --Stay with Star Test
   Using the Kendrick Laser Collimator
   SCT Laser Collimation Ep?; Collimation On Symmetry Axis?
   Collimation Using Two Telescopes?
   Bob's Knobs Collimation Screws/Replacement Procedure
   Field Flattener Requires Re-Collimation?

Daytime viewing
   Procedures for aligning & finding objects safely

  *See Field Rotation Issues topic below
   Modification to Use NGF-S; Derotator Advise 

Dew Zapping
   Dew Controller Schematic; Homemade Dew Zappers
   Dew Formation & Prevention; DewBuster 
   Dew Inside Corrector Plate;
   Dew Shield Construction & Proper Color 

Field Rotation
   Field Rotation Program in Basic; Calculator
   Field Rotation from Misalignment
   Rotational Movement in the Image Field

GPS AutoStar
   AutoStar User Friendliness Opinion
   AutoStar II Updating Problems/Solutions
   Autostar Version and Age of LX200GPS
   Autostar Sync to Selected Star; Computed Bodies
   Autostar Command Set; Low Level Autostar Debug
   AutoStar II Commands/Programming Set 
   AutoStar with Dead Flash ROM; Parking the GPS
   Autostar Update Problem-- Missing Named Stars 
   Undocumented Command--Guide Speed Slewing 
   Autostar to PC cable; External Antenna in a Dome?
   GPS Firmware Posted; Remote Handbox via AutoStar
   Computer Interface / Autostar Update Problems
   SMT Software & Lost of Contact with TheSky
   Updating Satellite Orbital Elements 

GPS Model Issues    
   14" Base Casting Beefed Up?; First Light Reaction
   Accurate Time Necessary?; Bolt Holes Same as Classic?
   Scope Certification by Independent Company
   Schematic Diagrams Sources 
   Avoiding the Hard Stops; Internal Componet Photos 
   GPS Model Loses Dates!, RA Motor Stalled 
   Does GPS Internal Battery Holds Ephemeris Data?
   GPS Alignment Stars Not in FOV
   Owner's Manual (PDF) link; GPS Tips Source 
   GPS & Giant EasyGuider; Worth upgrading to GPS?    Optical-Mechanical Alignment, Yahoo GPS Group
   GPS Starting-Up Checklist; Focuser Speeds/Control
   GPS Only Runs on 12v; RS232 to USB Possible?
   RS-232 Cable - GPS same as Classic?; Parking 
   UHTC Coatings vs Classic Multi-Coatings?
   Going to 2" Diagonal Worth It Visually Or Not?
   Is SMT Worth It?; GPS Mirror Lock Like Classic? 
   Focuser Lock Issues; Focus Lock Adjustment 

Increasing Contrast 
   Lining OTA with Black Flocked Paper/Flat-Black Paint 
   How-To Webpage 
   Baffling in Regards to Rear Aperture & Diagonals

Keypad Analysis For the Classic
   Analysis, Long Cables, Multiple Keypads, Repairs 
   Classic Keypad Codes & Hot Plugging/Unplugging & Mods
   Beep Elimination; Experimental Handcontroller
   Classic Keypad Replacement Source; Panic Stop? 
   Button Membrane Repair 
   See LX200 Miscellaneous topic below 

Lifting the LX200   
   Safe Procedures for manual lifting of the scope

Leveling Procedures
   Quick & accurate leveling methods

Mirror shift   
   Thermal Effects in SCTs; Stuck Focuser--Classic
   Focus Shift Over Long Sessions; Classic Focuser Removal
   Re-Attaching the 12" Classic Focuser Mechanism 
   Mirror Stabilizing Bolt & Its Effects on Collimation
   Mirror Cell Mod; Forcing Mirror Flop; Flop Explained 
   Reducing Mirror Shift and Improving SCT Focuser
       Action Updated, Kit available
   Focuser Bearing Mod; Removing Focuser Backlash
   Field of View Definition; Connecting FocusMax
   Loss of Focus--Resolved; Grease for Baffle Tube
   Hartman Focusing Mask vs. Diffraction Focusing
   Optimum LX200 Primary/Secondary Spacing
   Can the LX200 Mirror Mount Allow Precision Tracking
      for Imaging?

Focuser Alteratives 
   Best Focuser?; Building Your Own Electric Focusser  
   Focusers Compared--JMI, Optec, Aproge, VanSlyke
   Focuser Pinouts for Optec TCF-Focuser
   Control Panel Package for the Optec TC-Focuser
   PCFocus AutoFocus System & FocusAide
   Focusing Controller Kit -- LazyFocus 
   Advice on RoboFocus & FocusMax; Stepper Focuser 

Optical Quality & Testing 
   Making Artifical Test Stars, Spherical Aberration
   Calculating Actual FLs; Optical Defects Simulation SW
   Optical Quality Testing: Ronchi Lines?

PEC or Smart Drive
   How PEC Works, Training Experiences, etc. 
   PEMPro-- Program Reduces PEC (see Software Page 3)
   Polar Alignment and PEC Accuracy? 
   First Pass PEC Graphs After Cleaning 
   PEC as Related to Drift Align; Elongated Images
   PEC and Long-Term RA Drift Solution
   PEC Training w/CCD or Manually?
   PEC Problem Caused by RA Worm Damage
   Difference Between Periodic & Pointing Errors
   PEC Training--Constructing Guiding Keypad
   Effective Use of PEC with an Autoguider 
   Guide Correction Speeds?; Training on Different Teeth?

   Selected specs including: Weights of OTAs
   & Mounts, Giant Tripod Specs; 12" Max Height 
   Rear Cell Tread Specs; Fork Arm Weights; Baffle tube
   When LX200 Made Switch to Metal Dec Bearings, etc.

Upgrading to 12"?
   Advice on dealing with aperture fever.

LX200 Misc Items, page 1  
   Power Connector Replacement  
   Firmware & Keypad Version #s 
   Powering the Telrad, Hardwiring Telerad to LX200
   1x Finder Suggestions; Accurate Finder Registration
   Touch-Up Paint; Washer for 2" Diagonal Rotation
   Adding a Cooling Fan; Explanning Setting Circles
   OTA Moisture Removal; Adapting 12" Forks to 10" OTA
   Spiral Search Function for LX200 Classic?
   Accessory Attachment Screws, OTA Bolt Removal
   Rusting Screws -- Replace or Recondition? 
   LX200 ScopeSaver /Mounting Assistant/Website
   LX200 Saddle Mount; GPS Attachment for Classic
   SCT Cooler Review; Internal Mounting of a Barlow
   LX200 12" vs. Celestron 14" - Comparsion
   Will Meade Upgrade Optics to UHTC? 
   Supercharging (rebuilding) Service Available
   LX200 Scope Repair Service;
   Canadian & UK LX200 Repair Services 
   OTA Removal from Forks 
   Vibration Suppression Pad Orientation 
   Lens Cover as Accessory Tray 

Remote Control & Software

Remote Control    
   LX200 Control Software; LX200 Control Commands
   LX200 & ST-7 Remote Control; Telescope Control SW
   Communicating with LX200; Remote Hi-Precision Slew
   Remote LAN & Cables Construction; Wireless vs. Cable
   Proper Cable Routing Through Conduit
   Lightning Danger; Running Power to Remote Observatory
   LX200 Control with Palm; Simple Laptop Connection
   Autostar Suites Remote Control Experiences
   Remote dome/Scope/Imager control - IP Address? 

Home & Park Commands  
   Parking Tips, Park Software URL, Advice 
   Parked LX200 in Remote Obs. Know Its Position?

Software, PC page 1
    See right colum for general Observing,
         Planning, & Time/Lat/Long Setting SW
   See for Computer/Remote Control SW
   LX200 Alignment Stars w/StarryNight Software 
   LX Star Databases--Software to Download
   LX200 Database Cross Reference Files
   SAO Catalog Cross-Refer To Other Star Catalogs
   TheSky Database; Earth Centered Univ Object Files
   USB/Serial Adapter; COM Port Checkout
   MaxIm DL Updated to v4/CCD Controls Pictor 416XT
   Image Management SW; ASCOM Platform 3.0
   LunarGOTO SW; Best Pair Alignment Freeware 
   FITS Photoshop Plugin URL
Software, PC page 2
   SCSI Explained; Adaptec Alternatives
   Pictor 416/SCSI/WinXP Connection; Deepsky 2000 SW
   Substitute for Red Plastic on Laptop Display
   Astro Software Collection by Platform URLs 
   ATC (Advanced Telescope Control); Skymap 6 Utilities
   ACP Observatory Control Software; 
   LX200 Control Centre Software 
   ScopeDriver Shareware Updated
   MaxPoint Software Explained; AstroStack Software 
   Satellite Observing SW & Tracking Power Supply
   Satellite Transits of Moon & Sun Resources
   Sky View Cafe planetarium site 
   Linux in Astronomy; Telescope Programming Group
   KStars Planetarium Software under Linux
   Double Serial Cable; Alignment Stars & TheSky
   UTC Display & NightVision Freeware Updated 
   Moon Pointing & Tracking SW; AstroArt
   RS232 Grounding & Connection Problems
   Dual RS232 Wiring (Classic) 
Software, PC page 3   
   TPoint-- software to correct for mount errors
   PEMPro -- Must Have Program to Reduce LX200 PEC
   Astroart CCD Control Driver for 416XT/XTE
   Selecting Astronomy Software - Final Decision
   Best Pair II Freeware; Meade Autoguider SW
   USB/Serial Port Adapters; Adding Serial Ports
   AstroPlanner (Mac & PC); RS232 Troubleshoot Tool
   Virtual Atlas of the Moon Software Link
   Experiences in Installing LPI Software
   DSLR-Focus Software 

Software, Mac 
   TheSky (Mac OS), Cable, and the LX200
   Mac Astronomy Software; Software by Platform
   Connecting the Mac and LX200; AstroStack Software 
   ScopeDriver Shareware for Mac-- updated 
   UTC Display & NightVision Freeware Updated
   Lat/Long Converters for Mac OS; Best Pair II Freeware
   USB/Serial Adapter for Macs; Desktop Space Images
   AstroPlanner SW; Terrabrowser SW; Solscape
   Firewire camera control software 
   Sky View Cafe planetarium site 
   Image Stacking SW; OpticsCalc--Optical Calculator

Software, Palm
   Astro Software for the PalmPilot & Handspring Visor
   Palm/GPS Use; Palm/WinCE Astro & Control Software

Problem Areas & Solutions

Dead-- things to check
   See Fuses in Battery topic; Water Damaged Electonics
 No N, S, E, W Slew, Inconsistant Boot-Up Problem
   RA Initialization Sequence Info; Stopped clocks
   "MEADE" Only Display on Hand Controller
   List of Common Failures (Classic)    
    Canadian & UK LX200 Repair Services

Sixteen Inch Model 
   Slewing, Finding Home, Hand Paddle, Dec Binding,
   Componet Temps, OTA Dimensions,  Max load, etc.
   Purchase Advise; 16" GPS & ST-9 with Derotator?
   16" Mirror Removal, EZ Focus Kit, Focuser Fix/Mods
   16" CCD Connector Pin Out; Disassemble Drive Base
   Motion Limiting System / PEC Retraining & Problems
   RA Drive Problem & Photos; 1 or 2 RS232 Ports?

Grease & Cleaning Procedures
   Gear Grease Recommedations; Cleaning Procedures

Keypad Analysis 
   Repair suggestions for Classic keypad

Logic Board Schematics 
   Sources for circuit board schematics on-line

Mirror/Corrector Removal  
   Mirror Removal/Installing; Baffle Tube Off-Center
   Removing/Replacement Corrector Plate Procedures

OTA Alignment Procedures  Select from below:
  Improving LX200 Pointing Accuracy--
   Original OTA/Fork Alignment Procedures
   Alternate 1, OTA/Fork Alignment Procedures
   Alternate 2, OTA/Fork Alignment Procedures
   LX200 Fork Mis-Alignment Solution  
   OTA Bolt Removal 
   Also see "Pointing Accuracy & 'GoTo' Issues" below.

Pointing Accuracy
   Tests for Pointing Accuracy; Fork Flexing Issues
   Centering Test; Best stars for Polar Iteration
   TPoint Software and the LX200
   Excellent Pointing Accuracy Detailed

RA Axis/Drive 
   RA Runaway Condition; RA Slewing Overshooting
   RA Drive Noise Fix, Drive Repair & How It Works
   RA Motor Problem Erratic Slewing- FIXED 
   Tracking/Noise Problem Solution--Metal Chips in RA
   RA Disassembly/Removing Lower RA Bearing
   RA Drive Binding Problem; RA Runaway Repair Webpage 
   Analysis and Repair of Dec & RA Drives URL
   LX200 Base Construction & Limitations  
   Removing Dec/RA Motor Clutch Plates
   Image Vibration Solved (Jittery/Jerky Tracking)
   Replacing Worm Gear Spring/Mod for Adjusting
   Atmospheric Refraction Adj; RA Setting Circle Use
   Bias Weighing the OTA vs. Elastic Pulling
   Loose RA Motor?; Worm Wheel Lapping

Dec Axis, Backlash page 1  
   Dec Axis Assembly Adjustment/Repair Procedure
   Motor Failures & Study; Backlash/Slop, Some Fixes
   Dec Overshooting; Retrograde Motion Fixes 
   Aligning/Adjusting Dec Setting Circle
   Dec Backlash Compensation South of the Equator?
Dec Axis, Backlash page 2   
   Drive Photos; Rebuild/Bearing Replacement 
   Dec Tweaking & Mods; Dec Runaway Causes
   Dec Runaway Motor Problem (see LX200 Dead!
   Dec Runaway Repair Webpage 
   Dec Encoder Wiring Repair; cable replacement URL
   Description, Analysis, & Repair of Dec & RA Drives 
Dec Axis, Backlash page 3
   DEC Cable Repair/Source for replacement
   Loose Dec Clutch Fix; Melting Tantalum Capacitor 
   Reading the LX200 Dec Scale; Dec Drive Test Points

Elimination of Vibrations
   Eliminate of Hi-Freq. Vibrations, Image Vibrations--
   Jittery / Jerky Tracking, AO-7 & Sensor

Service Kit Instructions
   Instruction sheet on installing the Classic service kit

         AstroDesigns Home   Top

RCX400 Telescope
   Initial Reactions to Announcement; Yahoo Groups
   Review URL; Photos — RCX400 20" & Maxmount 

LX50 & Magellan
   Magellan II Accuracy & Alignment Issues 
   Magellan: Building RS232 Cable; Power Cord/Supply
   LX50 Connector Pin-Out; Connecting to Computer
   Dec Test Results--Chips, Motors, & Gears
   Fixing LX50 Dec Axis Stiffness; LX50 Dec Fix Kit
   LX50 Dec Wobble Fix; LX50 Dedicated Web Site
   Reinstalling LX50 RA Fine Adj. Knob
   Fix for LX50 RA Adj. Knob Looseness
   Magellan II Digital Setting Circles for LX50
   LX50 Mods URL / RA Drive Solution; Drive Upgrade

   LX90 Discussion Group link; LX90 vs. LX200
   Differences in LX200 vs. LX90 OTA;
   LX90-- Pitfalls to Avoid; Miller's Everything LX90 Website

LXD55 Scope Topics 
   Links to LXD55 websites; Discussion Group Link
   LXD650 Mount Good for Imaging?
   Mount Mods/Hyper-tuning & Adding Teflon Bushings 

   ETX Info Site URL; ETX/EC Repair & Tune-Up Page
   ETX Collimation; Repair Service; Computer Control 

Starfinder Button 
   Upgrading Starfinder Dobs; Starfinder Mods
   Polar Alignment; Magellan ROM Version Numbers
   StarFinder Laser Collimation Setup
   Magellan II Operation Hints; Star Charting Software
   Starfinder Rotating Rings Source
   Starfinder 16" Discussion Group Link

Film & CCD Imaging

Astrophoto, page 1
   For Pictor cameras & CCD topics see furthur down--
   LX200 Good for Astrophotography?
   Can the LX200 Mirror Mount Allow Precision Tracking
      for Imaging?
   LX200 & Beginning Astrophotography Questions
   Getting Started in Astrophotography & CCD Imaging
   Piggy Back AstroPhotography; Guiding Techniques Articles
   Where to Process Film Images?
   Helpful Hints for Astrophotography
   LX200 Astrophotography URLs
   Film Camera Selection Criteria; Exposure Calculator
   Calculating f/ratio with eyepiece projection
   FOV in 35mm Camera?
   Back focus/JMI/Van Slyke Slide Mirror
   New Evaluation Page of Filters
Astrophoto page 2
   ETX as Guidescope, w/Autoguider, & Info URL
   Guidescope Scope Focal Length Calculations
   Guidescope URLs; Guidescope vs. Off-Axis Choice
   When Autoguiding, Does the Guidescope Have to be
     Pointing in same Area as Main Scope? 
   Economical Classic Autoguiding? 
   SCT Guidescope Issues, Adapter for Flip-Mirror? 
   Guidescope Mounting and C-5 Operation 
   Pros & Cons: Flip mirror, Guidescope, Parfocal Tube
   Meade Off-Axis Guider Adjustments, OAG
   Finding Stars for Off-Axis Guiding
   Lumicon Giant Easy Guider (Off-Axis Guider)
Astrophoto page 3   
   Meade f/3.3 vs. Optec Maxfield; f/6.3 Spacing
   Mosaic Image How-To URL; FITS Image Viewers
   Deepsky Imaging and Alt/Az?
   Astrophotography Math; Tokai Light Pollution Filter
   FocalPoint Focuser Source
   MAPUG Observatory Site for Posting Member Images 
   Lens/Camera/Imager Adapters; Opp. of T-Adapter 
   Eyepiece Projection Imaging & Calculations URL
   Homemade Knife-Edge Camera Focuser
   Camera Mount for LX200 URL  

CCD Imaging, page 1 
   Review of "CCD Imaging Techniques" Video
   What are the Definitive Books about CCD? 
   Pixels per ArcSec Calculation; Image Size in Microns
   Anti-Blooming, Flat Field/Dark Frame
   CCD Selection Questions; Pollution Filters for CCD
   LX200 8" f/6.3 + CCD Questions
   Equipment & Software for Imaging; Useful Adapter
   SAC WebCam For Starting CCD Imaging
   Internal Mounting a Barlow; LX200 Rear Cell Adapter
   Pictor Manuals Comparisons; ETX & Autoguider Primer 
   CCD Focusing Aid; CCD Camera Diffraction Focuser
   Improved CCD Focuser Mask; Tricolor Filters for CCD
   Color Filters, Thicknesses, & 3-C Imaging
   Filter Wheel Recommendations; Seeing vs. Pixel Size
   Camera Connections to Avoid Vignetting
   Video Camera for Real-Time Imaging
CCD Imaging, page 2    
   Anti-blooming Considerations Photometry & Astrometry
   Depth of Focus at F/10, F/6.3, & F/3.3
   Optimizing a CCD Imaging System--Pixels and FL
   Hartman Mask Focus URL; Hartman Mask Focuser
   Cable Pin-Out for ST-4; Dark Frames & Flat Fields
   Operation in Warm Temps; Camera Desiccant
   Color Imaging Concepts; True Technology Flip Mirror
   Google Astro Image Search;
   Yahoo Groups: Digital SLR (DSLR) & 3D-AstroPics
   Image Processing Freeware/Software URLs 
CCD Imaging, page 3
   SBIG ST-4 vs. Pictor 201XT; ST-4 Autoguiding Tips
   AO-7 Benefits (adaptive optics); Using a Guidescope
   LX200 7" Mak & Large CCD Chips
   MX5-C Color CCD Imaging; Starlight Xpress Camera
   LX & Starlight Connection; Mac and Pictor Connection
   LX200 Dual Serial Ports; FOV/Plate Scale Calculator
   CCD--Min. Sampling Calculation;
   Second Laptop Serial Port via USB;
   Role of CCD Cameras in Amateur Astronomy
   CCD University URL; CCD Unguided Time on a LX200?
   CCD Calculator Freeware URL; Getting Started Website
   CCD Image Processing & Photometry Tutorial URLs 
   Narrowband Imaging Resource Site  
   Narrowband Emission Line Imaging of Nebulae 
   Controlling the LX200 and SBIG ST7/ST8 with CCDOPS 
   Creating a Mosaic in Photoshop 
   Luminance Layering using Photoshop 
   Multiple Luminance Layering Color Enhancement 
   Color Imaging of Nebulas with Hydrogen Alpha Data
   Processing Flow for LLRGB, Ha/RGB, & Solar Images 
   How Unsharp Masking and Laplacian Sharpening Work 
CCD Imaging, page 4   
   Complete guides for Beginner Astrophotography 
    and Photographing the Milky Way 
   Making CCD Flats w/Light Box; Photons per ADU
   AstroStack Software 
   Stacking CCD Images vs. Longer Exposures
   LX200 Image Magnification; ST-7E/ST8E Guide Chip
   F/3.3 Focal Reducer Lessons; Re-Assemble f/3.3 FR
   CCD Imaging-- Single Exposure vs. Stacking
   SBIG STV Experiences; Lightbox Drawings & Details
   CCD Purchase Recommendation; CCD Astrophoto Site
   Calculating CCD Pixel Size & Pixel Size Needed
   STI-201 Autoguider Focuser for 201XT
   Suggested Powering Up/Down Sequence
   Buying a CCD Camera Advice 
   Which LX200 Scope Best for Imaging?
   Best for Guiding: ST-4 or Pictor 216XE?
   Questions-- FWHM? & OAG w/Focal Reducer
   ST-8E vs. Apogee AP47p CCD
   Note: see Software/Computer topics in left column  

   IR Filter On Web Cams; Web Cam Advice & Links 
   WebCam Acquisition Technique with AstroSnap-Pro 
   LPI as an Autoguider?; Installing LPI Software 
   Digital Camera Hacks; Video Camera Advice 
   Canon 20Da Digital SLR for Astro Imaging
   Webcam vs. Digital Camera vs. CCD New
   DSLR-Focus Software 

   DSI Blooming Images; LPI as an Autoguider? 
   Experiences in Installing LPI Software 
   Using the DSI with the Classic LX200 

Pictor 201  
   Using the Pictor 201XT; Pictor Autoguider Flow Chart
   216XT--Getting Started; 201XT Instruction Chart
   Pictor 201XT-Description of the Calibration Process
   Solving 201XT Guiding Problems  
   Using the 201XT URL; Pictor 201 Killing Motherboard?
   STI-201 Autoguider Focuser for Meade 201XT
   Pictor 201XT and Other Guider Focus
   ETX and 201XT, 208XT, or 216XT Autoguider Primer
   Pictor 201XT-- Guidescope or OAG?
   208XT Manual Correction--Shutting Down Camera
      in Standalone Mode; Frustration Vented!
   Pictor 208/216 With Maxim for Autoguiding?
   208/216 Autoguider.exe Software Link

Pictor 416   
   Getting Started; Setup and Focus; Pin-out
   416XTE & SCSI Problems; 416XT + Laptop + SCSI 
   Pictorview 7.14 & SCSI Advice; Contents of Pictor.ini
   SCSI to USB Converter to Connect the Pictor?
   RA & Dec Calibration Times of Meade Guiders  
   Pictor 416/1616 Control Box Description
   416XT with Taurus Tracker III; 416XT Vs SBIG ST-7
   Supplementary Fan Cooling; 416 Warm-up Update
   Cleaning 416XT Article Link; 416XT/ST-7 Desiccant
   Baking the 416XTE Dessicant 
   416XT RGB Exposures / Icing Fix / Focusing
   Cooling the 416XT /Pictor Temperature Numbers?
   Continuous Frames with Pictor 416XTE
   Note: see LX200 Software/Computer topics
       in left column

Calculate f/ratios

Eyepiece & Focuser Topics

   Eyepiece & Diagonal Recommendations 
   Light Pollution & Nebular Filter Recommendations 
   Lumicon Filters Detoriate Over Time?  
   Wireless/Wired Reticle Guiding Ep; Best Reticle Ep
   Meade Reticle Eyepiece; Astrometric Ep Instrs. 
   Making a Parfocal Ep, Filter Thread Specs
   9mm Reticle Eyepiece; Wired Reticle EP or Battery
   TV 2" Rich Field Kit with 55 mm Plossl vs.
       TV 2" Diagonal w/35mm Panoptic
   Secondary Shadow to Calculate Lowest Power Ep
   Eyepiece/Telescope Reviews URL
   Meade 2" Eyepiece Filter Threads
   How Much More Can You See with a Wide FOV Ep
   Choosing a Wide Field Ep; Screw-bolt Ep Cases
   Calulating Ep Actual FOV; Apparent vs. True FOV
   Maximum Field of View Calculations --separate page 
   Re-centering Reticle Eyepiece; 8mm-24mm Zoom Ep
   LX200 + Eyeopener + Eyepiece; Eyeopener Review 
   Eyeopener Benefit Wide-Field Eps?; SCT Vignetting
   Magnification -- What Does It Really Mean?

Focusers & Focal Reducers 
   *Also see "LX200 Mirror Shift & Focusing Issues"
       in left column.
   Motor Focuser Issues; Focusers Compared
   Meade f/6.3 Focal Reducer/NGF-S Focuser
   Optec Maxfield f/3.3 Considerations
   Focal Reducers vs. Low Pr Ep; Meade's 1209 Focuser?
   Field Flattener Without Focal Reduction Available?
   Focal Reducer Adapter; focuser grease recmd 
   Robo-Focus (Remote Focusing) 

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    How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe to MAPUG-Astronomy
    Unsubscribing Quick Links; Email Virus Issues 
    Links to Regular Archives Sorted by Date
    Searchable Archive for MAPUG & other Astro Lists
    Five MAPUG Archive Locations; Mother of All Archives
    MAPUG-Astronomy Archives: How to Get Back Issues
    MAPUG-Astronomy Abbreviated Astro Terms

Member's Designs   
   A page that includes designs and manufactured items by list members for battery power boxes, 2-D counterweight systems, scope transporters, scope covers, RA/Dec drive upgrade/fix kits, observatories, wedges, wedge/tripod stablizers, permanent piers, & miscellaneous items.

Meade Contact & Manuals  
   Contact Numbers, Email Address & Suggestions;  
   Meade's Repair Policy & Options; Extended Warranty?
   Replacement Parts Now Available from Meade 
   LX200 Manual URL; PDFs of Operating Manuals,
   Advice in Dealing With Meade About Problem Scope

Cleaning Optics  

Miscellaneous items 
   Lumicon Giant Rich Field Viewer Experiences
   Magnitudes, Mirror Sizes, & Reflectivities
   Spectrographs Sources; Home-Made Spectroscope
   Language Translator URL; Gear Vendors
   Eyeglasses for Observing; Laser Vision Correction  
   Dec Mods to Meade 500 Mount; Java-Based Optical Design
   Used SCT Buyers Guide and History of the SCT
   Is Lunar Observing Better with Larger Meade SCTs?
   Cold Weather Observing Gear; Dressing Cool(er) 
   Chart Illuminator; "FAKE" Lumicon Filters? 
   Green Laser Pointer Advice & Safe Use
   Green Vs. Red Lasers 
   Testing for Diagonal Rotation Positioning Error  

Worm Gears Explained
   Question & Answer discussion with Doc G

Award Photos
      Mapugger of the Times Awardees

Visual Detectability of Low Contrast Objects
         Article by Robert Preston

Observing Lists

Observing Lists 
     --select from below:
 List 1:  
   105 Finest Objects
 List 2:
    52 Finest Objects for Public Nights  
 Lists 3:
   Messier Marathon List URL
   Star Charts Vs. Burham's Recommendation
   Current Visible Comet, Meteor Shower, Occulation,
      and Minor Planet URLs
   SkyCharts 2000 (from Sky Atlas 2000)
   Meade Catalog Stars Spreadsheet URLs
   Excel Astronomy Info File URLs
   Astronomical League's Double Star Club--SAO numbers
   NGC and IC Catalogs--Text Files 
   Caldwell Catalog Numbers to NGC/IC URL  
   Double Star "33" Website  
   Sources for Efficiently Viewing the Messiers?  
   Lunar Eclipse Calculator URLWood's Lunar 100 list 
   Online Observing List and Catalog Cross Reference 
   Professional & Amateur Astronomer Collaborations  
 List 4:
  Double Star List by David Abrams 
 List 5:
    List of Interesting Objects (by size) by Doc G 

Observing Software

SkyCharts 2000
   Star charts organized to minimize slewing.

Solar Observing
   Solar Spectra Discussion; 1000 Oaks Solar Filters
   Slewing to the Sun; H-alpha Filter Observing; Telrad Filter

Time Setting Sources   
   Setting GMT & Local Time; Local/GMT Time Offset
   Time Setting Software & URLs--PC & Mac

    Magnetic Declination Calculator 
   Co-Ordinates for UK; US & Worldwide Long/Lat URLs
   See: Lat/Long Converters for Mac OS
       in LX200 Software--Mac OS

Observatory, Piers & Wedges

Observatory Plans  
   Observatory Designs; Dome Recommendations
   Domes vs: Roll-Off Roof; HomeDome Advice
   Roll-Off Observatory Based on a Utility Trailer
   Plastic Shed Observatories; Controlling Insects 
   See: Dome Automation Freeware in Remote Control
   Pier Location? "Off the Grid" Power in Remote Control
   Design Considerations, Cost Estimating; Wall Height?
   Observatory Ventilation?;
   Plans & Issues for an Observatory on a House 
   Zoning, Covenants, and Deed Restrictions Concerns
   Observatory Design Books & Other Sources 
   Determining Observatory Dimensions  New

Pier Plans 
   List of Resource Links for Piers & Wedges
   Proper Material to Fill Steel Pier; Grounding?
   Permanent Pier--Dampening Vs. Stiffness
   LeSeuer Pier Recommendation, Pier-Tech URL
   Enlarging/Extended/Initial Orienting a Pier
   Permanent Pier Designs & Considerations
   Portable Pier/Wedge Design URL; Wooden Piers
   Concrete to Pier Bolts, Concrete Questions
   Pier Mounting Plates: One vs. Two; Pier Design URLs

SuperWedge Issues 
   SuperWedge Problems, Cures & Modifications
   Superwedge Thrust Bar & Alt. Adjuster Mods  
   Superwedge Strength & Use of the Central Bolt 
   Two-Plate Pier Adapter for the SuperWedge
   Standard Wedge Modifications & Stabilizer
   Mettler Wedge--Alternative to Meade & Milburn
   Base Mounting Bolt Pattern URL
   Homemade SuperWedge Knob Wrench
   Best Wedge for LX200?
   Using Giant Tripod with 10" & Superwedge
   Meade Superwedge vs. Milburn Wedge

Wedge/Tripod Mods 
   Also see Member Designs for Wedges Available
      for purchase--Milburn, Superior, and Ulti-Wedge 
   Tripod Leg Refinishing/Protecting/Removal 
   Reducing Tripod Height 
   Tripod Threaded Rod Component Order
   LX50/200 Tripod/Wedge Modifications 
   Maintaining Polar Alignment (& on a tripod) 
   Leveling-- Wedge or Mounting Plate?, Necessary? 
   Mounting with Center Bolt on Wedge 
   Homemade Wedge Plans URLs; Tripod/Pier Bearing 
   Wedge Measurements to Determine Pier Height 
   Wedge Adjustments on a Permanent Pier 
   Use Central Bolt to Attached Base to Wedge? 

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