Links as of January, 2007.  Many may no longer be valid.

 Battery Power / Voltage Converter Box Designs:  

   Power Box 12v-18v-110v  By Jim Lowry
   Power Box -- Alternate Design-1 by T. Wideman
   Power Box -- Alternate Design-2 by P. Lanclos
   Power Box -- Alternate Design-3 by Rob LaPointe
   18 Volt Power Supply Design by Ray Wallace
   12/18/120V Power Box Design URL by Danny Cobb
   Field Power Solutions by Larry Owens
   Power Box Design -- by Bill VanOrden
       Note: see Battery topic for more info.

 Counterweight Designs:  

   Ed Stewart's AstroDesigns site for:  2-D Counterweight System
   2-D Counterweight Design by Jon Brewster
   2-D Counterweight Design by Bob Cadloff
   2-D Counterweight Design by Chris Vedeler 
   2-D Counterweight Design by Ron Wagner 
   2-D Counterweight Design by Rick Woods

 Scope/ Tripod Transport Device Designs:  

   Ed Stewart's AstroDesigns site for:  tripod sled & scope transporters
   Caster Tripod Sleds by Don Holcombe & Assaf Berwald
   T-Frame Telescope Transporter by Jerry Horne
   Scope Transporter by Dave Dixon
   Scoporter Design by Rob Preston
   Field Transport System by Alan Jones
   Portable Scope Stand by Mitchell Findlay

 Miscellaneous & Combined Design Websites:  

   Bill Arnett's Design Site --Dew Zapper, Focus Aid, LX200 connecting cable, etc.
   Barry Gerdes' Designs & Tutorials Site --wedge, jigs, camera adapters, polar alignment, tips, etc.
   Rob Roy's Designs & Joy Stick Info-- Spring-Loading Tripod Bolt, Pizza-pie Plate
       KeyPad Holder, Polaris Wedge Sight, Emergency Polaris Wedge Sight
   "Denver" Observing Chair Design-- Outside link #1 and #2 
   LX200 Leg Adjuster Design  by H. Seemann
   LX50 Dec Fix Kit & ETX Astro Dual Axis Drive Corrector by Jordan Blessing
   Dew Zapper Design by Bill VanOrden
   Focal Reducer Adapter by Ted Agos
   ETX- Simple Drive Mods by Michael Hart
    Guidescope Mounting Rings by Ken Milburn
   Joystickstar (control directional slewing of the classic with a joystick) by Dave Lillis
   LX200 Rotating Workstation by J. Nordby
   STI Series II Knife-Edge Focusers by Richard Shell
   Spring Mounted Bolt for AltAz Use of LX Tripod (Springy Thingy) by Gary Giddings
   LX200 Saddle Accessory by Ted Agos
   Do-It-Yourself designs for: Battery Pack, Dew Shield Counter Weight, Dew Zapper,
      Focuser Bearing Mod, Heated Eyepiece Tray, How to Make a Serial Cable,
      Military Case Conversion, SCT Cooler, Solar Filter by Scott Baker
   Ed Stewart's AstroDesigns site for: tripod stiffening shelf 
   LX200: Ball Bearing Focuser Upgrade Kit
   Web Page for Do-It-Yourself LX200 Accessories
   Nite-I Scope Covers & Accessories  

 Permanent Pier Designs:  

   Steel Pier Design by Tony Floyde
   Pier Design by Turgut Kalfaoglu 
   Pier Design by Ted Wilbur
   Pier Design by Bill VanOrden
   Pier Design by Maurice Gavin
   Pier Design inside a garage by John Smith
   Permanent Pier Design by Jim Slay
   Permanent Pier & Mounting Plates by Andy Heath 
        Also see the Permanent Pier topic in the Topical Archive for additional designs that are
        hosted on that page plus a great deal of information about pier construction considerations.

 Observatory Designs:  

   List of Observatory Designs --by Bill Arnett   (huge list!)
   Article -- Design Phase of Building Your Own Observatory, by Jay Ballauer 
   Article -- Construction Phase of Building Your Own Observatory, by Jay Ballauer 
   Roll-Off Building Design by Doc G 
   Roll-Off Building Design by Ivor Barker
   Plans for a Tilt-Off Roof Observatory by Eric Schandall
   Mobi Observation & Imaging Trailer by D. Baker
   The Vedeler Observatory by Chris Vedeler
   Roll-Off Roof Design by John Mahony
   Roll-Off Roof Design by Bruce Johnston
   Fiberglass Dome Design by Richard Harris
       Also see the Observatory topic in the Topical Archive 

 Wedge Designs and Manufactured Wedges:  

   Ed Stewart's AstroDesigns site for: wooden equatorial wedge &  wedge stabilizer
   Milburn Wedge by Ken Milburn 
   Ulti-Wedge by Randy Marsden 
   Superior Wedge by Mitty Observatory 
   The Baltic Wedge by Mike Murphy 
   Homemade Wedge Design by Gene Chimahusky 
   Homemade Wedge Design by Tony Floyde 
   Homemade Wedge Design by Barry Gerdes 
   Deck Mount for Equatorial Wedge by Richard Robinson 
        Also see the Wedge/Tripod Mods page in the Topical Archive