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Software to Download LX (classic) Databases

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The Software:

ReadLX is a quick and dirty Visual Basic 3 program for Windows that will extract the catalogs from your LX200 classic in a form that can be easily perused or digested by your database application. The software will not selectively extract individual records from a catalog, nor perform any data manipulation, that is not it's purpose.

As the program is only likely to be run half a dozen times, and my program development skill and time are both somewhat limited, I have not made any attempt to make it particularly sophisticated, neither have I included any help files or other niceties. I hope that the program is simple enough not require them.


Since ReadLX is a Visual Basic 3 application, you will need to have the runtime library VBRUN300.DLL installed in your Windows system directory or elsewhere available to Windows.

Unzip the files in the zip to a directory of your choice bearing in mind that the directory will later contain approx 4Mb of data.

Install into Windows, referring to the Windows help files if necessary.

Running the program:

1.  Connect your PC to your LX200 using your normal serial cable.

2 . Set your LX200 to LAND mode from the keypad (a safety measure).

3.  Run the program and select the desired options.

4.  Note the likely extraction time.

5.  Click the extract button and you should see the records appear in the fields at the bottom of the screen.

6.  When completed your chosen directory should contain the data files.

Download Links:  ReadLX.EXE   VBRUN300.DLL   MSCOMM.VBX

Technical Assistance:

If you have difficulties with this software you may contact me at this email address:
  <> John Grylls             


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