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Subject: The Mother of All Archives  Top

From: Rick Kirchhof

Here is a tool that can give you historic snapshots of the WWW at various points in time. It currently has over 100 terabytes of data and is growing by over 12 terabytes per month. There are a number of other links and data types as well.
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I was able to pull up an early version of a website via its "wayback" machine. You can look at several older versions of a particular webpage.


Subject: A MAPUG Archive Location

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Subject: MAPUG Abbreviated Astronomical Terms   Top

From: Bill Arnett <> plus some additions by various Mapuggers

Here is a copy of <> .

Cyphertext Cleartext

Alt       Altitude
ATM       Amateur Telescope Maker
Az        Azimuth
CCD       Charge Coupled Device (electronic imager)
Dec       Declination
Dob       Dobsonian mounted telescope (also Dobs or Dobbie)
DSO       Deep Space Object
DSC       Digital Setting Circles
EP        eyepiece
FDR       Field DeRotator
FPK       Fremont Peak State Park (favorite site of Silicon Valley observers)
GEM       German equatorial mount
GP        Global Positioning System
Mak       Maksutov (-Cassegrain telescope)
MAPUG     Meade Advanced Products User Group
Newt      Newtonian telescope
OAG       Off Axis Guider
OTA       Optical Tube Assembly
PEC       periodic error correction
RA        Right Ascension
SBIG      Santa Barbara Instruments Group (CCD manufacturer)
TSP       Texas Star Party
SEDS      Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
SCT       Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope
AFAIK     as far as I know
BTW       by the way
FAQ       Frequently Asked Question(s)
FWIW      for what its worth
FYI       for your information
IMHO      in my humble opinion
[M]:      Mapug identifier on post to Mapug
OTOH      on the other hand
OT:       Off topic
RSN       real soon now (usually meaning the opposite)
TIA       thanks in advance
TLA       three letter acronym
WOT       way off topic
:-)       smile
:-(       frown
;-)       wink


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