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Please note: Doc G passed away on January 28, 2015

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NCRAL 2000 Paper:
   The Role of CCD Cameras
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   M. Hart on Astrophotography
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   ST7 as a Guider

   Cooler Box for Digital Camera

LX200 Information:
   LX200 Mechanical Analysis
   Flexibility of the Mount
   Mount Vibrations
   Mount Oscillations
   Repair of the Declination Drive
   Rebuilding the Declination Drive
   Declination Drive Adjustment
   Electrical Aspects of the Dec Drive
   Focusing Mirror and Knob
   PEC Operation and Training  

LX200 Electrical Analysis
   Main Computer Board Analysis
   Keypad Operation
   Keypad Code List
   Keypad - Hot Plugging
   Control Panel Ports
   Notes on Plugs and Cables
   Details about the Declination Drive
   PEC Operation and Training

LX200 Mount Information
   LX200 Saddle Mount
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               The Doc G Observatory

Doc G at his observatory Doc G with Meade Telescope

Doc G, shown above with the observatory is Emeritus Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Sadly, he passed away on January 28, 2015.

This roll-off building with a 12" LX200 telescope and accessories was donated to the Madison Astronomical Society by Doc G in June of 1996.  When rolled back, a windbreak remains which is supplied with various shelves for computers and accessories as well as a comfortable place to sit to operate the telescope locally from the computer. The telescope is also remotely controllable, by computer, from the nearby clubhouse.

In addition to the Meade 12" LX200 telescope in the DocG observatory, there is a second domed building shown in its most recent incarnation below. The recently rebuilt ten foot building sports a new Pro Dome installed in June 2001. The photo shows the installation of the dome almost completed. The Pro Dome with full automation using Digital Dome Works and a second Meade 12" LX200 telescope will be operational in September 2001. The Pro Dome, the LX200 telecope and numerous accessories including an SBIG ST-4 imager/guider were donated to the MAS by Dr. Greiner. It is owned and operated by the Madison Astronomical Society. 

Observatory & Doc G LX200 in Observatory

The MAS now has two computer controlled telescopes which can be operated from the nearby club house.
Additionally there is a 17" Dobsonian in a roll-off building and a 16" CAT.  The 16" CAT is a long focal length,  7900 mm,  f19 designed mainly for planetary observation.  The club house is a large all season building used for meetings and additional equipment.  It is heated and air conditioned.  The dark site is  the Yanna Research Station located near Brooklyn, Wisconsin about 30 miles South of Madison, Wisconsin.  It is owned and operated by the Madison Astronomical Society.

  More Pictures of the Observatory

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