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LX200 Classic Keypad Codes

I have looked at the code sent from the keypad to the computer for all of the buttons on the keypad.  I have set the keypad into various modes and set it at various selections within the menus.  Each key sends the same code no matter the setting of the keypad. That is, the starting point.  The computer interprets the key presses depending on what sequence it sees.  And the computer interprets the meaning of the code sent depending on previous key presses. (or sequences of presses)

The code has nine bits.  It always starts with a high (1) and ends with a high (1) when the key is pressed and a low (0) when the key is released. Every press sends a code and every release sends the same code but for the final bit. Here are the codes.  Only the code sent on the presses is given, for release code change the final 1 to 0.

North 110001101
South 100110101
East 101011101
West 100010101
Enter 101001111
Mode 101011001
GOTO 100111001
Next 111011101
Prev 110001011
Guide (0) 100010011
Center (1) 101110011
Map (2) 110110011
CNGC (3) 100110011
Find (4) 111010011
Focus (5) 101010011
Star (6) 110010011
Slew (7) 111110011
Ret (8) 111100011
M (9) 101100011

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