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Books About Astro Photography

A Manual of Advanced Celestial Photography; Brad D. Wallis & Robert W. Provin; Cambridge University Press 1988
The first among good books on astronomical photography.  The book concentrates on photographic techniques rather than equipment.  This is an extraordinary book and a must for anyone doing or wanting to do astronomical photography.  Not for the novice but a required book after digesting one or two of the following books.

High Resolution Astrophotography;  Jean Dragesco;   Cambridge University Press  1995 An excellent book with emphasis on photography of the Sun, Moon and planets. Equipment is described in detail and numerous examples are shown.  Not for the novice.

Solar Astronomy Handbook;  Beck, Hilbrecht, Reinsch, Volker;  SONNE (1982 German) (first English Edition 1995) Willmann-Bell.   Great detail about equipment and many examples of photographic results.  Lengthily discussion of observations and recording of all solar phenomena.  Definitely for those with a deep interest in the Sun.  Definitely not for the novice.

Astrophotography An Introduction; H.J.P. Arnold; Sky and Telescope 1995 A nice, and simple, introduction mainly to photography of the Sun, Moon and Planets. A fine book for the novice and the serious amateur.

Astrophotography II Featuring the Techniques of the European Amateur;  Patrick Martinez;  (1983 French) (English Edition 1987)  Willmann-Bell, Inc.; A fine small book jammed with important information that everyone should know about setting up telescopes for photography.  An excellent book for the serious amateur.

Astrophotography for The Amateur (revised 1991);  Michael Covington;  Cambridge University Press
A nice little book that covers the basics very clearly.  The book tries to cover a bit too much ground for such a short book.  Strictly for the novice.

Covington's book has been revised.  The 1999 edition is larger and crammed full of very good information.  While my original review (above) was a bit cool, I now find the new and more detailed coverage is really excellent.  The intermediate amateur should have this edition at hand all of the time as a prime reference.   Many new photographs are included and the array of equations for optical calculations is great.  They are very well explained and accurate.  An enlarged section on film photography and a very fine section on CCD imaging are also well written.  This book has risen to become a top recommendation for everyone interested in the whole array of astrophotographic techniques.

The Cambridge Eclipse Photography Guide;  Jay M. Pasachoff and Michael A. Covington; Cambridge University Press 1993
A very nice book about eclipses with detailed tables covering eclipses through 1999. This is a timely book for the eclipse of 1998 in the Caribbean and 1999 in Europe. Excellent discussions of observing and photographing these events.

Astrophotography - Second Edition, Featuring the fx system of Exposure Determination, Barry Gordon, William-Bell 1985
A collection of details about photographing objects.  The book has a lot of charts and means for calculating exposures.  I have never warmed up to the book because I feel it spends too much time on details.

Advanced Amateur Astronomy, Gerald North, Cambridge 1997
I did not find this book very advanced though it covers some unusual equipment in some detail.  The images are only so so and may reflect the equipment involved.  Not what one would expect from a book revised in 1997.

Splendors of the Universe, A Practical Guide to Photographing the Night Sky, Terence Dickinson and Jack Newton,  Firefly 1997.
A good, even wonderful, book about photographing the night sky.  Images from the near to far objects are included with practical advice about how to photography them.  This book is not just a picture book but a fine how to do it book.  I recommend this one highly for anyone who wants to try this most difficult type of photography.  The book will be helpful.

Kodak - Photographic Filters Handbook,  Eastman Kodak Company 1990.  This is the complete and essential handbook on the Kodak Wratten filters.  Excellent in every way, this is a necessary book for anyone who wants to use filters for any photographic or imaging purpose.

Photographic Atlas of the Stars, H J P Arnold, P Doherty and P Moore, Kalmback Books 1997.  This is one of the must have books.  It is a sky survey done by taking the sky in large chunks.  The photographs are excellent and are on a scale that enables the viewer to relate to what you actually see when you look up at night.  The 45 maps of the heavens show the stars and objects that one might see with the naked eye under ideal conditions. Each photograph is accompanied by a hand drown map which puts names of the outstanding objects of interest directly on the opposite page.  This is a perfect way to find and name objects.  I have used this book many times to track down an object that needed a name or number.  A beautiful and useful book.

Atlas of Deep Sky Splendors, Hans Vehrenberg,  Sky Publishing 1983.  Splendid is the only way to describe this book of splendors.  One of the best collections of super fine images available.  This is a big book, hundreds of big plates, many in color with and excellent text to go with the images.

The Hubble Atlas of the Galaxies, Allan Sandage, The Steinhour Press 1961-1984.  This is the famous Hubble galaxy book completed by his student and colleague Allan Sandage.  An outstanding collection of images of galaxies and the systematic classification of them using the Hubble methodology.  A book of great historical interest as well as a text for learning about galaxies.  This is a big, big book which is a joy to the eyes and mind.

Astrophotography with the Schmidt Telescope, S. Marx and W. Pfau, Cambridge 1992.  This book is a detailed history of the development of the Schmidt telescope and its application to sky mapping and surveying.  Design theory is covered and there are dozens of beautiful images of familiar objects taken with these instruments.  A very fine book.

Observing and Photographing the Solar System, Dobbins,  Parker and Capen, William-Bell 1992 (rev).  This is subtitled  "A Practical Guide for the Amateur Astronomer."  In every way this is a superb book.  The details about all of the equipment required and how to use it are covered at length.  Numerous fine images of the planets are included.  There is an extensive discussion about the planets, how they appear and how to observe them intelligently.  The techniques are important to amateur photographers since relatively modest array of equipment is required and well within the reach of many amateurs. This is a very fine reference book.

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