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Books Relating to CCD Imaging

Unfortunately the current books relating to CCD imaging are, in my opinion, not very useful and are mostly out of date. One can find some information in the following books but you must look carefully.

CCD Astronomy, Christian Buil, William-Bell 1991
This is about the best of the early books about CCD cameras and image processing.  It covers everything from building a camera (out of date) to discussing the principles of imaging and image processing.

The Art and Science of CCD Astronomy, David Ratledge (ed.) Springer 1997
This book is a collection of CCD imaging experiences related by a dozen amateur imagers.  It is rather inspirational to see what some amateurs have accomplished.  The book is quite over priced in my opinion. $40 for 150 paperbound pages.  I found most of the articles of some value but a bit disjointed because the several authors have not been edited together carefully.  There are several interesting appendices.  Probably a book to get, for the tidbits scattered about in it,  but then again somewhat of a disappointment.

A Practical Guide to CCD Astronomy, Patrick Martinez and Alain Klotz  Cambridge University Press 1998
This is a recent book with detailed discussion of the design of CCD imagers.  The imagers discussed seem to me to be somewhat arcane.  There is also a long discussion of image processing. There is a certain sense of authority in the writing.  The images used as examples are quite terrible.  The book gives the overall feeling of and old book in a modern binding.  I found it useful but not exciting to read.  Lessons given on the SBIGUSER group are much more up to date and applicable to use of the SBIG ST imagers.

Astronomical Image Processing, Richard Berry, William-Bell 1991.  A nice pamphlet on the basics of image processing.   This material is most readable and has some nice examples.  Additionally it has some software for the PC.  Unfortunately, it is well out of date.

Electronic Imaging in Astronomy,  Ian S. McLean, Wiley 1997.  This is an astonishing collection of about everything you could want to know about electronics as applied to astronomical imaging, photometry and measuring techniques.  Written for the professional.   The book is essential to those who want to know much about the practice and theory that underlies electronic astronomy.  Still after a thorough reading I found that it did not help me much with understanding how to use my current equipment to do imaging.   I felt that is was useful to know all of this stuff but I still am looking for a book that helps with the day today problems of imaging with a modern CCD imager.

At this time I await a really definitive book on CCD Imaging.  (December 1999 still waiting)

The situation is not much better with signal processing for Astronomical images.
The handbooks that come with the SBIG and Bisque software are better than most of the books at this time.
Additionally, there are a number of web sites belonging to members of the SBIGUSER group that are very, very informative.
The handbook that comes with MIRA is also quite helpful.
One of the best sources of lessons on using a CCD imager is the SBIGUSER group which has informative posts from day to day.
One can join this group through the SBIG web pages.

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