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Photos of the Disassembled LX200 RA Base

Here are some photos of the disassembled RA base of the LX200.  The photos should be self explanatory.  Notice that the two parts have to be driven apart by tapping them so that the bearings let go of one piece.  The tapered center piece is held to the bottom part of the base with a second mounting plate turned in from the bottom.  It is not certain that the post will be exactly perpendicular to the base.  It looks like the bearings should be concentric since the upper piece is made from one part and turned as one part.  The RA gear is very snugly mounted on the upper moving part and should be well centered.

base 1 base 2
base 3 base 4
base 5 base 6

The RA base is quite well built, but it is not, in my opinion, large enough to hold a 12" scope.  It is probably designed for an 8" scope and is probably satisfactory for that size and weight.

I hope these figures help LX owners better understand the design of the LX 200 base.

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