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Assorted Photographs from Construction
of the Doc G Observatory

The photos show some details of the construction.  The pier and the deck posts were set in concrete after careful alignment with each other and with true North.  North being to the rear part of the deck.  The bottom portion, which included the wheel structure, was constructed next and put in place.  The rail is mounted on solid twin 2 by 12 beams which are 20 feet long. There is a pair of beams on each side of the deck which supports the entire structure.  Eight posts set in concrete go down 5 feet into bed rock.  The deck is extremely solid and the building very heavy. It still rolls easily on eight "V" grooved wheels along the steel tracks.  Then rolled back, the telescope easily sees the area of the sky around polaris.  North is to the left.  In the  background is the conventional observatory building housing the C-11.

The building was constructed in situ on top of the base assembly.  Details of the heavy duty rails and roller assembly can be seen in several of the photos.  The internal section was installed as a wind break and to hold shelves, charts, the computer and assorted accessories.  When the main doors are closed the building is very weatherproof, as it has to be in Wisconsin's harsh climate.  Never-the-less the building is easily opened, rolled back and the telescope ready to go in less than 5 minutes.

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The inner wind break and work area has shelves for the computer and accessories and a comfortable place to sit and operate the telescope from the computer.  The pier is 16" in diameter and extends 6 feet into the ground.  The lower 18" of the pier is sunk into bedrock.  A 3 foot square hole around the pier is filled with concrete.  The pier structure weighs 4.8 tons.  It is provided with circular illuminated (red rope lights) shelves for accessories.  The 12" LX200 is mounted on the Super Wedge which is so solid that it is never suspect for vibrations of any kind. Numerous power outlets, red spot lighting and smaller shelves are provided for convenience.  One of the large doors is shown being folded back along the side of the building.  The patio like deck around the front area of the main deck is to prevent observers from falling to ground level.

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