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Sources for Design & Construction Factors for Small Observatories.

It seems that are no perfect solutions for every observatory in every climate. Much of the design detail is of a totally personal nature.  Entire books have been written on the design of small observatories.  There are also many excellent discussions on the Internet including the home site.

Some of these are:
Unusual Telescopes, Peter Manley, Cambridge University Press 1991
        Of interest for wild ideas.

Small Astronomical Observatories, Patrick Moore, Springer 1996
        Several authors give good solid building advice.

Telescope Control, Trueblood and Genet, Wilmann-Bell 1997
        For sophisticated computer control and the like.

At Home in a Dome, John and Meg Menke, 1993
        Specifically for the Home Dome but with many excellent general and practical ideas.

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