Bruce Johnston's Astronomy Pages

Bruce Johnston

(Sadly, Bruce passed away on March 28, 2005, but his website will be
maintained here on Mapug-Astronomy as a memorial to him.)


Having completed my observatory, I'd like to share with you some information about the construction of it, and some of the images and information that I have acquired from it. Follow the links to the subjects...

My roll-off-roof observatory

CCD images from the observatory

Strictly `Tekkie' stuff for the LX200:

1. Finding the `sweet spot' on the LX200 gears
(Improving `Go To' accuracy on the LX200)

2. Controlling the LX200 telescope and the
SBIG ST7/ST8 camera with CCDOPS

3. Make a quick and easy Hartmann Mask.

4. What is 'Drift Alignment'??

5. Repairing the R.A. and DEC drives on an LX200

6. Isolating and fixing 'Goto' problems on an LX200 in Polar mode.
(Including a  fast, accurate NEW WAY of Polar Alignment, using 'Goto'!)

7. A light hearted look at removing the corrector plate on an LX200.

Enjoy Astronomy!!  Mapug-Astro