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 Spring Mounted Bolt for AltAz
Use of LX Tripod

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From: Gary Giddings <>

See Gary's webpage for more photos: <>

I just made a "Springy-Thingy" -- to hold the 1/2" bolt in place, instead of using the C-clip.

It is SUPER - you can set the scope flat on the tripod top, and the bolt just depresses. Slide the scope a bit (now with all its weight resting evenly on the tripod) and the bolt pops up into the securing hole in the scope base. MUCH better than trying to support the scope weight while one tries to position the scope over the bolt! Easier on the scope base and on the back!


  • Three 5/16" diameter hex head bolts, 1/2" long (or less), and a washer for each.
  • One fender washer with a 1/2" hole,
  • two 1/2" nuts for the 1/2" thread rod (13 threads per inch = standard American-coarse thread) and
  • 3 springs, about 2 and 3/4" each, not too stiff ($1.77 per pair at Home Depot).


Drill one small hole near the edge of each small washer, and 3 holes (at 120 degree spacing) near the edge of the big washer. Assemble with two nuts above the big washer (to lock against each other), and screw the 3 hex bolts into the underside of the tripod base (into the 3 holes not used by the wedge).

One wrinkle: I did have some trouble getting the 1/2" nuts over the cut-away C-type area of the standard threaded rod - I needed to clean up the threads in that area a bit. Then, the nuts went on easily.

Adjust the two nuts so that the rod sticks up a 1/2" or so, and depresses easily.

    SpringyThingy from Below   Close-up of One Spring


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