Telescope Transport Devices

Caster Tripod Sleds

#1 by Don Holcombe
#2 by Assaf Berwald <>

Number 1 Design:

Photo--top view

Top View of #1 design showing eyebolt holding tripod spread limiter.

Photo--bottom view

Bottom view of #1 design showing T-shape and casters

Number 2 Design:

Assaf's Design

General view of #2 design by Assaf Berwald

Description: This sled carries the scope and tripod weight on the 3 points where the lower spreader meets with the tripod-legs. Each of those joints rest on a piece of high voltage AC wire that prevents it from sinking into the wood.

The white parts are simply the tripod legs painted white so that people near the telescope won't bump it at night (I covered the knobs threads only to prevent the paint from sticking inside the threads). The tips of the tripod legs are covered with silicon caps for chairs and tables legs - VERY good in dampening vibrations. The spreader is secured to the sled with 6 pieces (2 on each arm of the spreader) so that one can also lift the scope and still keeping the sled attached. There's also another 1/4"x2" bolt going through the central hole of the spreader.

The leading idea was to allow the legs to be extended rather than using long bolts that has to be screwed down to the floor to lock the scope in place. The central piece is also attached with a bolt also has a slot for a 2" EP.

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