The Baltic Wedge

Looking for an economical means of polar mounting your Meade LX200?

I may have your solution -- the Baltic Wedge.

Wedge Close-up

The current choice of equatorial wedges on the market for the LX200 series scopes cost $350 to $700. All are very well made cast or machined aluminum. On the Baltic Wedge, the side plates, base and mounting plate are made from .75" thick Baltic Birch and the stiffeners are maple.

Vibration: Any portable astronomical telescope system is going to be subject to vibration influences from wind, bumps in the night and just working the focusing mechanism. Unlike metal wedges which have a tendency to ring, the wood in the Baltic Wedge has natural damping characteristics. I have found an induced vibration either fore and aft or side to side dampens in one second or less.

Adjustments: The Altitude adjustment is accomplished using a jackscrew, the Azimuth is adjusted by way of loosening the three mounting bolts to the base and pivoting around the slots in the base. The current design allows a latitude adjustment of between 33 and 45 degrees.

Finish: The Baltic Wedge is finished with three coats of marine grade polyurethane.

Application: Meade LX200 (classic) and LX200GPS telescopes: 7" Maksutov, 8", 10", & 12" Schmidt Cassegrain.

Price: Estimated $250, shipping included in the continental US. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice

Contact: If you are interested, please contact me, Mike Murphy, at: <>

   BalticWedge on Tripod   Wedge on Tripod-2

   Wedge Backside   Scope on Wedge